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The Old ‘Dan’s Outside’ Blog: Time to Move On!

Quite a while ago (a LONG time ago in “web years”) I operated the “Dan’s Outside” blog as a way to share stories and news related to my “outdoor life” of hiking, backpacking, environmental concerns, landscape and nature photography, and more.

During the past decade, my photography increasingly became the focus of my time in the “outside” and of my online posting. As this happened, the inclination to post separately here diminished to the point that a year and a half or so ago I essentially stopped using this site.

So, if anyone is still here to read this, a few final thoughts, announcements, and recommendations:

  • If you enjoy my writing and my photography (especially my photography), I invite you to wander on over to the G Dan Mitchell Photography web site, where you’ll find a new photograph every day along with occasional writing on photography and related topics including some that are similar to what I used to post here. There is also an extensive gallery of my photography there for your pleasure… and for the sale of prints and licenses.
  • If you are a social media user, you might want to follow me in a number of other online venues including FlickrFacebookTwitter500pxGoogle+, and to some extent Picasa. (I’m especially active on Google+, where over 40,000 individuals have “circled” me.)
  • While there is some material at what I’ll now call “The Old Dan’s Outside Blog” that seems worth keeping, the site as a whole is not something that I’m going to maintain. I haven’t decided quite how to handle that yet – I may let some of it continue to live here “secretly,” I may move some of  it to another site (perhaps a sub-section of the photography blog?), and some of it may simply go away. Your thoughts on this are welcomed.
  • Finally, as should be clear from what I’ve written above, the “Dans’ Outside” blog will cease to exist before long. In fact, I’m likely to reposition the danmitchell.net domain for an entirely different purpose in the not too distant future.

If anyone reading this is a former follower of the old blog, thanks for reading it! I was great fun to create and maintain it, and now we’ll just move on to a new location at  G Dan Mitchell Photography.


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My Photography

It occurred to me after I moved this blog to the new URL that some new readers might arrive here without the context that some who followed the old version of the blog might have. One big chunk of that context is my photography – the thing that often takes me to the places I write about here.

While I did travel to Yosemite last weekend largely to see and experience the transition from winter to spring in the Sierra, making photographs is a very important part of such trips. I don’t post them all here, but I do post a new photograph every day at my photography blog: G Dan Mitchell Photography.

Additional photographs from opening day along Tioga Pass Road are already posted there, with more to come from TP Road and Yosemite Valley.

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Busy Time Coming Up

I’ll be unusually busy – in a good way – during the next week plus a few days. So don’t be surprised if I don’t respond to emails right away. Please accept my advance apology, and be assured that I will get back to you eventually.


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I'm Back… I Hope

This site was off line for about 24 hours for what I’ll euphemistically refer to as “technical problems.” I think the issues have now been resolved.

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Joining the Site

One can join this site and comment on posts. That said, I automatically and immediately delete any membership applications that come from generic (random letters and numbers) yahoo, etc. email addresses and which do not include a real name, etc. Been getting a few of those the past week or so…

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Changes Continue

A few weeks ago I began the transition from managing and hosting this site on my own Manila server at home to using wordpress on a commercial hosting service. (I already miss the ease of use of Manila, but that’s another story.)

The main transition took place quickly over a 24 hour period, and brought essentially all of the content of the previous site over to this newer version. However, much work remains. Today I moved my equipment list pages over to this site and made them visible in the sidebar. Soon I need to rethink the organization of the photography pages. And so forth…

Which is all my way of saying that a) if you can’t find something that was here before, stick around and it will likely reappear soon, and b) things will continue to be in a general state of flux for the next month or so.

– Dan

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An Apology for Multiple RSS Feed Posts

In what I think is an unavoidable side effect of importing and republishing some articles from the old version of this site, there seems to be a steady stream of old posts appearing in the RSS feed. Sorry about that…

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OK, Here We Go – Big Changes Coming!

I’ve taken steps that should move this site to a new hosting service sometime in the next few hours. If all works more or less as planned the following should happen:

  • The home page URL should stay the same: http://outside.danmitchell.org/.
  • The stories and photographs currently on the site may disappear for awhile as I do some complicated behind the scenes work.
  • The layout of the site will likely change radically. That is going to take awhile to work out.
  • This site may temporarily live on at an alternate URL, perhaps http://outside.danmitchell.net/. If you can’t find me at the current address, try that one.
  • The RSS feed will change – I don’t know yet what it will be, so please visit the the site in the next day or so and get the new feed URL.

See you soon!

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I'm (mostly) here!

This site is now running on a new host and a new blogging system. Much of the old content survived the transition – but I seem to have temporarily lost many 2007 posts and photographs, and links within the site are hosed. Ah, well.

I hope to spend some additional time tweaking the converted site over the next few days, so thanks in advance for your patience.

IMPORTANT: If you subscribe to the site’s RSS feed your current subscription will no longer work. Please subscribe to the new RSS URL: feed://outside.danmitchell.org/feed/atom/

BTW: I have no idea why the posting date is wrong… but I’ll work on it.  

BTW#2: The previous site has been temporarily archived at outside.danmitchell.net.

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Server Problems – Temporary Parallel Site

I am having ongoing problems with the server used to present this web site. It is almost certain that the site will move to a new server before too long. I hope to retain the current address.

In the meantime, I am posting a parallel version of this site. If you follow dan’s outside you may want to also visit this site:


The parallel site has an RSS feed:


– Dan

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