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Changes Continue

A few weeks ago I began the transition from managing and hosting this site on my own Manila server at home to using wordpress on a commercial hosting service. (I already miss the ease of use of Manila, but that’s another story.)

The main transition took place quickly over a 24 hour period, and brought essentially all of the content of the previous site over to this newer version. However, much work remains. Today I moved my equipment list pages over to this site and made them visible in the sidebar. Soon I need to rethink the organization of the photography pages. And so forth…

Which is all my way of saying that a) if you can’t find something that was here before, stick around and it will likely reappear soon, and b) things will continue to be in a general state of flux for the next month or so.

– Dan

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Thanks, Tom… and Welcome to Two-Heel Drive Visitors

Just saw this over at Tom Mangan’s Two-Heel Drive:

Essential site: Dan’s Outside. Dan Mitchell loves to hike and camp, but his passion for photography is the highlight of his site. He has a knack for bringing back interesting imagery from a couple parks near San Jose — Almaden Quicksilver and Calero — that are not exactly well-known for their visual splendor. [Two-Heel Drive]

Thanks, Tom. For those who may not know, Tom’s site has become a virtual gathering place for many San Francisco Bay Area hikers and for those interested in all things hiking related.

Trees and Grass, Morning
Trees and Grass, Morning. (monochrome) Calero Hills, California. June 23, 2007. © Copyright G Dan Mitchell.

For those looking for the local (SF Bay Area and especially South Bay) photography, let me also point you to G Dan Mitchell | Photography, my main photography web site.

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