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The Old ‘Dan’s Outside’ Blog: Time to Move On!

Quite a while ago (a LONG time ago in “web years”) I operated the “Dan’s Outside” blog as a way to share stories and news related to my “outdoor life” of hiking, backpacking, environmental concerns, landscape and nature photography, and more.

During the past decade, my photography increasingly became the focus of my time in the “outside” and of my online posting. As this happened, the inclination to post separately here diminished to the point that a year and a half or so ago I essentially stopped using this site.

So, if anyone is still here to read this, a few final thoughts, announcements, and recommendations:

  • If you enjoy my writing and my photography (especially my photography), I invite you to wander on over to the G Dan Mitchell Photography web site, where you’ll find a new photograph every day along with occasional writing on photography and related topics including some that are similar to what I used to post here. There is also an extensive gallery of my photography there for your pleasure… and for the sale of prints and licenses.
  • If you are a social media user, you might want to follow me in a number of other online venues including FlickrFacebookTwitter500pxGoogle+, and to some extent Picasa. (I’m especially active on Google+, where over 40,000 individuals have “circled” me.)
  • While there is some material at what I’ll now call “The Old Dan’s Outside Blog” that seems worth keeping, the site as a whole is not something that I’m going to maintain. I haven’t decided quite how to handle that yet – I may let some of it continue to live here “secretly,” I may move some of  it to another site (perhaps a sub-section of the photography blog?), and some of it may simply go away. Your thoughts on this are welcomed.
  • Finally, as should be clear from what I’ve written above, the “Dans’ Outside” blog will cease to exist before long. In fact, I’m likely to reposition the danmitchell.net domain for an entirely different purpose in the not too distant future.

If anyone reading this is a former follower of the old blog, thanks for reading it! I was great fun to create and maintain it, and now we’ll just move on to a new location at  G Dan Mitchell Photography.


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