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Can Anyone Identify This Plant?

I photographed this very lush new growth at Muir Woods National Monument yesterday morning – but now I’m unable to determine what kind of plant it is. (I should have asked the naturalist while I was there, but I was in a hurry to get back home.)


The leaves are very thick and shiny and you can see that flower stalks are emerging from each plant, topped with what look like clumps of ball-like buds. The plant was on a slope in the redwood forest not too far above the canyon bottom and, obviously, in a very shady area.

Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: Someone just posted a comment (sorry, didn’t leave actual name) that suggests the plant is Andrew’s Clintonia (Clintonia andrewsiana). I did a bit of checking around that this sure seems like it could be the right plant – so I’m going for that ID. Thanks!


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More Spring-ish Observations

Yesterday I again visited Muir Woods to do some photography. (I’m working on a sort of informal project to shoot a series of photographs there – you can find more at my photography site and elsewhere.) I noticed a few things that shouted “spring!” during my little trip.

  • Bay Area wildflowers are everywhere. The combination of recent rains and spring sun may make this weekend (or possibly next) the peak of the season.
  • People are out and about! Muir Woods was packed even earlier than usual, and the pedestrian lane on the Golden Gate Bridge was packed from end to end when I drove across on my way home at midday.
  • If you get cold – for example, from spending a lot of time in the bottom of a damp, redwood-filled canyon – a moment in a sunny spot will warm you right up.

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