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More Spring-ish Observations

Yesterday I again visited Muir Woods to do some photography. (I’m working on a sort of informal project to shoot a series of photographs there – you can find more at my photography site and elsewhere.) I noticed a few things that shouted “spring!” during my little trip.

  • Bay Area wildflowers are everywhere. The combination of recent rains and spring sun may make this weekend (or possibly next) the peak of the season.
  • People are out and about! Muir Woods was packed even earlier than usual, and the pedestrian lane on the Golden Gate Bridge was packed from end to end when I drove across on my way home at midday.
  • If you get cold – for example, from spending a lot of time in the bottom of a damp, redwood-filled canyon – a moment in a sunny spot will warm you right up.

    April 12, 2009 - Posted by | Commentary

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