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This is Nuts

But cool…

wingsuit base jumping from doubleA on Vimeo.

Watch the whole thing. I gets more amazing as the clip continues.

(Seen at

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Photographs as Holiday Gifts

It occurred to me today that I should mention the fact that my photographs are available as holiday gifts. (Actually, they are always available for almost any purpose, but that wouldn’t have been a very timely message, would it?)

While I occasionally post photographs here, I post my photographic work daily at my photography blog: G Dan Mitchell | Photography and archive much of it in my online gallery. My photographs feature many images from wild California, especially the Sierra Nevada, the Pacific coast, Central California, and Death Valley.

If you are interested in the photography, wander on over to the first of those two links above. If you are so inclined, you can read the page there concerning print purchases. Since I custom print every photograph it is a good idea to get orders in early.



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