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This is just a test…

… of one way of displaying my photographs that are posted at Flickr.

The test is concluded for the moment.

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Tioga Pass Opens ON WEDNESDAY

Correction: I just saw that the road did not open today… It will apparently open on WEDNESDAY. Sorry!

Just a few days late for me – I was up that way late last week – Tioga Pass has opened will open this Wednesday, at least according to a story in the West Coast Imaging Blog. Let the fun begin! :-)

I discovered something interesting last weekend. I thought that the road, while open for administrative traffic ahead of time, was simply closed to other traffic until the entire thing opened. I was surprised to see a sign about a mile up 120 from the turn off in the park late last week stating “Road Closed 19 Miles Ahead.” I guess it may partially open a bit earlier than the full opening.

BTW, I got a real kick out of the tags at the end of the West Coast Imaging Blog post: Fish Tacos, Lee Vining, tioga pass, Tuolumne Meadows. Anyone who travels over the pass to the east side a lot – as I do – very much understands the reasoning behind the first tag. :-)

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