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A Day for Free-Heelers

From SFGate:

SKIING / Free-heelers get their days. Skiers from around the West will head to Bear Valley Mountain Resort next week for the annual Telemark Ski Festival. The festival will run Feb. 8-10 at Bear Valley, which is just off Highway 4 in the central Sierra east of Arnold (Calaveras County)… [SFGate: Tom Stienstra]

As a mid-level telemark skier, and I did go to one of the previous Telemark Ski Festivals at Bear Valley. It was great fun, and I got to work with some really excellent instructors. Recommended.


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New Almaden Quicksilver Story in the Merc

Tom Mangan (master blogger at Two-Heel Drive) has a story in the San Jose Mercury News describing a project to create a historic trail at New Almaden Quicksilver Park, one of my favorite local hiking areas.

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Hopeful Weather Signs for California

Compared to last year, this year’s storm season in California is starting to create a bit of optimism. Last year was a drought year in California – there were few spring flowers, the snow never was very deep and it melted early, and things dried out early and dangerously during the summer.

I’m hearing some hopeful news. Where I am in the SF Bay Area we are ahead of normal rainfall amounts at this point. I just heard a snow survey report that the snowpack is about 25% thicker than normal for this time of year. People visiting the southern California desert areas are reporting significant rain and the beginnings of spring plant growth.

With a few days of sun next week I think we are about to witness the yearly but still miraculous eruption of green that marks the start of the new year in California.

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