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What's That I Hear?

Hmmm… This time I think I hear autumn dogwood trees and maybe black oaks calling. :-)

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Dan at Muir Woods

Tom at Two-Heel Drive just referenced my recent visit to Muir Woods and made a few observations and comments. A quick reply to Tom…

I agree regarding the comparison to other Redwood locations. While Muir Woods is a beautiful place, it main advantage (?) compared to other local redwood forests is its proximity to San Francisco… and, I suppose, its popularity. While I was there I had the same thought – namely, that other Redwood forests in the area are every bit as beautiful if not more so and they are far less crowded. I’ll take Big Basin over Muir Woods any day.

And, yes, Muir Woods adjoins the Mt. Tamalpais Park and you can easily hike between them.

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