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Putting their lives on the line to keep others safe in Yosemite

Putting their lives on the line to keep others safe in Yosemite

A story in SFGate about Yosemite Search and Rescue:

Once little more than a rag-tag group of climbers who volunteered to help rangers in emergencies, a separate search and rescue program was established by the park service in Yosemite in 1974. It is now a force of at least a dozen highly trained technicians, with support from 20 expert rock climbers, nearly 100 park rangers and dozens of specialists — from scuba divers to search dogs — who are on call when circumstances demand.

There is plenty of demand. There were 219 search and rescue operations in Yosemite National Park last year, 216 in 2005 and 207 in 2004. That’s approximately 40 more missions every year than a decade ago, park officials said.</blockquot>


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Three Trees, Calero Hills

Three Trees, Calero Hills

Three Trees. Calero Hills, California. June 2, 2007. © Copyright G Dan Mitchell. (Sales)

A photograph from my National Trails Day hike.

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Greenland Ice Melt Speeds Up


Greenland Ice Melt Speeds Up – NASA scientists reading signals from a satellite in orbit, and flying aboard a low-flying plane over Greenland, are finding fresh evidence of melting snows and thinning glaciers in vast areas of the massive island.

Their observations confirm the climate’s warming trend in the far northern reaches of the world, they say, where changes in the circulation of waters feeding into the Arctic Ocean are altering crucial patterns of ocean currents there with effects that are increasingly uncertain.

The pace of glaciers sliding into the sea along Greenland’s southwestern coast “is speeding like gangbusters this year,” said William Krabill, leader of a NASA team that has just ended a three-week airborne mission probing glacier dynamics with lasers and radar.


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