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Possible Blog Changes Coming?

During the past few weeks I have had some technical problems with the server that handles this web site. (I run my own server. At home.) I’m giving serious thought to transferring this blog to another service.

At this point I really don’t quite know what service that might be. I’m leaning toward some combination of a basic blog site plus another site to support my photograph gallery, with the latter perhaps being one that can support online transactions.

I’ve just begun to investigate the latter issue. I’ve looked at smugmug, flickr, and pbase – but not decisions yet. Any thoughts or experience on this would be gratefully accepted. (Click the email link in the sidebar.)

Regarding the former, I’ve set up a little parallel blog at http://dansoutside.blogspot.com/. Take a look and let me know what you think.



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First Car Over Tioga?

Probably not, but it is fun to ask. I updated the Tioga Pass photo in the previous post (see below) to include a shot taken about five minutes before noon. Note the car that has just passed through the entrance station. I’m jealous! :-)

(For me, the opening of Tioga marks the official start of the summer season in the Sierra.)

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Tioga Pass – Ranger Station Flag is Flying :-)

&uotThe Tioga Web Cam shows a clear road and a flag flying over the entrance station – all encouraging signs for today’s scheduled opening to the public.


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