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One photo from the Las Trampas hike

Last weekend’s Las Trampas hike was great fun… but didn’t inspire me to do a lot of photography. (I was, however, inspired by the area. Even though I took few photos I was thinking about shots for a return trip in better conditions.) In any case, here is one photo of the gang at an early high point on the trail.

LasTrampasHikers2007|02|03: Las Trampas Hikers. February 3, 2007. &copy: "Copyright G Dan Mitchell".

Las Trampas Trampers. Left to right: Tom, Randy, Tom, Russ, Tom, Ruth Ann. February 3, 2007. © Copyright G Dan Mitchell.

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Advice for Newbies…

… and for those taking them backpacking, from Trailcraft:

Less intuitive tips for the new backpacker.

Here’s a classic situation. Someone who hasn’t been backpacking (or it’s been a really, really long time) gets invited to go with one or more backpackers that go regularly. The newbie shows up with about two times too much gear and food, in less than optimal shape, and has brand-new boots. The trip ends up being miserable because he or she is carrying the heaviest pack, is in the worst shape and is fighting blisters. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Not really.


Hit the link for the full post. It include a short but, I think, very practical list of things to pay attention to if you are introducing beginners to backpacking – things that will help ensure a successful and fun first experience.


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