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Strange… or Fun?

An interesting idea from Trailcraft:

Backcountry Cooking Party.

I’ve always been a bit nervous about trying new recipes on the trail. I guess it’s because I don’t want to go hungry and I definitely don’t want to pack extra food for every meal.  For several years when I first started backpacking I stuck exclusively to the freeze-dried, pre-packaged meals because they were easy and I knew they were edible.

And then a few years back I came up with the idea of getting together with friends to experiment with backpacking recipes in the safety of my backyard.  Now it’s an annual tradition, The Backcountry Cooking Party!



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Sigh, the Comment Spammers are Here

I’ve begun getting a steady trickle of a particular type of comment spam here over the past few days. I have turned off access to the discussion feature, so send me an email if you want to contact me or have me post something a the site.

Life goes on… :-)


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