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Gambolin' Man Visits Muir Woods National Monument

From the Gambolin’ Man comes a (long!) post about this San Francisco Bay Area national monument (excerpt here – click the link above to see the whole thing):

MUIR WOODS NATIONAL MONUMENT: Humbled and Awed in the Sublime Presence of Coastal Californiaís Magnificent Old-Growth Redwoods

Barely visible among thick foliage, a big ol’ pileated woodpecker is flying back and forth from tree to tree working frantically to scare up some insects for a hard-earned meal. The distinctive hammering sound of her long bill, poking and drilling away on the upper reaches of a fir tree trunk, can be heard from afar. A sharp-eyed little boy on the trail points up, exclaiming, “Mommy! Look! A wood-dicker!” – Gambolin’ Man [Gambolin’ Man]

Muir Woods is another of those local Bay Area spots I seem to rarely get around to visiting. (Point Reyes is another.) I visited when I was much younger and a few years back a group of us went there so that we could hike up the hill to a pub serving European beers on an outdoor deck.



December 12, 2006 - Posted by | Places

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