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So, Dan, What's With That Site Membership Thing?

Glad you asked… well, actually, glad I asked.

I was checking server stats tonight and I noticed that about 50 people are “members” of this web site. What does membership provide to you, or perhaps more important, what does it not provide to you?

Membership will not get you on anyone’s email spam lists. I’m the only one with access to the membership info since I run my own little server and I don’t share, much less sell, membership info. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get you free prizes either…

What membership does provide is access to the site’s discussion forum. If you are a member, click the “login” link in the Membership section of the sidebar and log in. Then click the create a new topic link to post a new message. You can also comment directly on one of my posts by clicking its Discuss link.

– Dan


December 11, 2006 - Posted by | Site News

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