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Plant, Mono Lake, Dawn

DawnMonoPlant2006|09|10: Plant, Dawn, Mono Lake. September 10, 2006. © Copyright "g dan mitchell".    keywords: mono lake shoreline plant dawn sunrise tufa rocks towers california color photograph

Plant, Dawn, Mono Lake. September 10, 2006. © Copyright G Dan Mitchell.


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An "Outdoor Show" We Can All Do Without

By now you have undoubtedly heard about the new version of Survivor intended to appeal to racist preconceptions by pitting “racial teams” against one another.

What an astoundingly offensive and stupid idea.

For one small example of where this leads, here is a description of Rush Limbaugh’s take on this contrived and utterly phony “competition” as reported in SFGate (‘Survivor’ Wades Right Into Racial Stereotyping):

What stereotypes? If you have to ask, you needed only listen to radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh on Aug. 24. Apparently attempting to be amusing about the show’s 13th season, Limbaugh hit the racial stereotyping equivalent of a grand slam.

He said he hoped there were “not going to be a lot of water events” because he thought the black contestants would be poor swimmers. (Challenged on that, he referred to a survey that said more blacks than whites drown in this country.)

Limbaugh also said that Asians are “the brainiacs of the bunch” and that Hispanics might have an advantage because they “will do things other people won’t do.” The white team, Limbaugh opined, would run into problems because of their “guilt at oppressing all these people.”

If you are a ‘Survivor’ fan, I encourage you to avoid this version, and encourage the pathetic folks who came up with this astonishingly lame concept to take a hike.

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