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Seattle Photos

I recently returned from nearly a week in the Seattle area. I did a lot of photography while I was there, but most of it doesn’t really fit with the Outside theme of this web site. I’m posting these photographs at my
***G Dan Mitchell | Photography
site this week and for the next few days, so wander over there if you are interested.

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Visiting by Way of Two-Heel Drive?

Tom of Two-Heel Drive included this site in his blog roll earlier this week (Thanks, Tom!), so I’d like to welcome anyone visiting via his link. Since Tom pointed you here to see some photography, I’d like to give you a brief introduction.

I started this site primarily so that I could post photography of outdoor places I visit. You’ll find some recent photos below. However, this being a blog and all, the recent stuff scrolls of the page in a week or so. For this reason, you’ll want to check out the sidebar links on the right side of the page under Dan’s Outside Photography – there are hundreds of photographs there.

If you like the photographs, you may want to visit my main photography site, G Dan Mitchell | Photography, where I post a new photograph every day along with occasional commentary.

Thanks for visiting!

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