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Reduction Works Detail

ReductWorks2005|06|04: Reduction Works Detail. Almaden Quicksilver. June 4, 2005. © Copyright Dan Mitchell.
Reduction Works Detail. Almaden Quicksilver Park. June 4, 2005. © Copyright Dan Mitchell.

The Reduction Works is high on a ridge on the Castillero Trail at Almaden Quicksilver Park. This is where, as I understand it, cinnabar was refined to extract mercury. The Reduction Works building still stands in a state of benign neglect. In other words, it is being left to the elements.


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School Is Out

I managed to get the last test scored and grades turned in on Thursday, so now I’m more or less free for a couple weeks. Today I drove over to the coast near Pigeon Point Lighthouse and visited the Waddell Creek entrance to Big Basin Park. More to come…

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