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Early Eastern Sierra Fall Colors? Mixed Reports…

I’ve started to follow the various reports on the fall color season in the eastern Sierra. So far the reports are mixed, but something seems to be starting. Somre reports I’ve seen include:

  • Reports that not much is happening yet – though some of these reports are now about a week old. (Seen in a report at the Calphoto Yahoo group.)
  • Some color is showing up at the higher elevations around 8500′ to 9500 (see at http://www.calphoto.com/fall.htm). One report I read suggested that some decent color may be starting to show at Monitor Pass. I don’t have confirmation, but that could be in line with my past observation that these trees change color a bit earlier than those in some other area.
  • Some photographs at the Lake Sabrina Fishing Report page definitely show some colors along the shoreline. (If the trees are changing color here, I think that there is a very good chance that North Lake may be showing color as well… but, again, I have no first hand reports.)

The forest service fall color page that I mentioned in my previous post has become active… but it only shows a post from November 2007!

For my part, there is a chance that I may make a quick reconnaissance to the east side this weekend. It could take the form of my Epic One Day Aspen Chase adventute – e.g. a loop over Carson Pass, down Hope Valley, over Monitor Pass, on to the Lee Vining area, and then back over Tioga Pass. Or I might do it the other way around. Or, if I get some good reports from Sabrina, North/South Lakes I could try to head down there and spend at least one night camping.

Anyone else getting information on the aspens yet?


September 22, 2008 - Posted by | Commentary


  1. Hey! I’m following your site for info! :-)

    I’m hoping to take off on Monday for my photography trip starting out at Mono Lake. I have my motel reservations and all my equipment is ready to go. But I’ve been summoned for jury duty this week though and so who knows. I’m supposed to call in tomorrow at noon to see if my group has to report. It’ll be just my luck to get stuck in a trial that goes into next week and there goes my vacation. Arrggghhhhh!

    Comment by cynthialeeder | September 22, 2008

  2. About jury duty… I learned that lesson some years ago. On one of the first occasions when I was called for jury duty after becoming a college faculty member I was concerned about an absence during the term so I requested that my jury duty be rescheduled for my spring break. (I know… stupid! :-)

    The request was granted and I was called in the first day. I fully expected to be let go since I had never actually been empaneled but to my surprise they actually selected me. The judge assured us that the trial would be short and that we’d be done by the end of the week – after all it was just a simple DWI charge.

    Turned out to be not so simple. As far as we could tell the defendant, a high tech executive with plenty of money to burn, had prior convictions and was willing to do anything to get off on this one. So what would normally have been a very short trial took the full week… and stretched half way into the second week.

    In the end I not only lost my spring break, but I failed in my attempt to avoid missing classes – and ended up missing at the worst time, the start of the term.

    Good luck. ;-)


    Comment by Dan Mitchell | September 23, 2008

  3. Well, so far all I have had to do is call in and I haven’t had to report yet. I get to call in again tomorrow at noon so we’ll see. I have been summoned 4 times that I can remember since i have lived in San Jose. I have been seated on a jury 3 times out of those 4 summons. I don’t mind serving and I find the process interesting. I’d rather not have my vacation plans interupted though. Stay tuned.

    Comment by cynthialeeder | September 23, 2008

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