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Bush: What Is He Thinking?

Several bits of Bush News today.

First, seen in may places is the following news:

Bush Acts on Drilling, Challenging Democrats. President Bush lifted nearly two decades of executive orders banning offshore drilling for oil and natural gas, while a Congressional moratorium on drilling remains in place. [NYT > NYTimes.com Home]

Does anyone really see this as anything more than a wedge issue for the upcoming presidential election? It won’t make a bit of difference in the price of oil/gas, the oil companies are already not making use of all the currently available exploration and drilling leases, and the environmental costs are tremendous.

I listened to a good part of Bush’s press conference this morning. Hearing him get lost, forget what question he had just been asked, mumble embarrassing asides between answers, utter many sentences that either made absolutely no logical sense and/or exactly contradicted the point he was trying to make, repeat irrelevant “boilerplate”… am I the really only one who wonders – political differences aside – about his basic competence as President?

If you wonder what I’m talking about, find a moment to listen to a bit of today’s press conference. Frankly, I’m not sure whether the appropriate description is “sad,” “pathetic,” “embarrassing,” or “scary” – or all of the above.


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  2. I gave up listening to Bush years ago. I get so angry listening to him spout his lies that I could have a stroke. And when it comes to oil and fossil fuels, I am no expert but if there is anything worth having fear about, I think this is it, the effect of global warming on the environment. And I fear it’s too late to stop now. I hope the effects will not be as bad as science has projected, but if it is, we could be headed not just for warm times, but outright extinction. Once scenario, the polar ice caps melt, the oceans warm, the cold sea water no longers sinks to the bottom, the ocean conveyer belt which comes to a screeching halt, the ocean stagnates and turns into a toxic brew, that outgases and poisons the planet killing most everything. Could it happen? I don’t know but why even risk it? Remember when all that CO2 bubbled out that lake in Cameroon in the 1980’s? It killed everything around the lake including a couple thousand people as I recall. Imagine the oceans doing that!

    Comment by cynthialeeder | July 15, 2008

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