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Two Cents Per Gallon. Someday. Maybe

Thanks to fellow photographer Jim M Goldstein for pointing me to a short article pointing out how worthless the Administration proposal to drill, drill, drill really is: By 2025 this might lower the median price of gasoline by… wait for it!… two cents. (And let’s see… by 2025 gasoline should sell for about $25/gallon or more, right?)

More evidence that last week’s well-timed announcements were nothing more than election year posturing, an attempt by the Republican administration – apparently coordinated with the McCain campaign – to create a political wedge issue. As usual, that is far more important to them than actually doing something to reduce our dependence on foreign oil or address the issues of global climate change.


June 24, 2008 - Posted by | Commentary


  1. And now I’ve just read that more and more people want to drill off the coast and in ANWR thinking that is going to bring the cost of gas down. Yeah, right, sure. I thnk people have become so brainwashed and addicted on oil that they’d sell their souls to the devil for a gallon. I’d rather nationalize the oil companies then dril in ANWR or off the coast. I bet that would bring prices down. But in the end, we really need to get off oil as soon as possible. I hate to say it but as things stand, I wouldn’t give two bits for the future of children born today. I don’t think they have one on this overcrowded, polluted, and warming planet.

    Comment by cynthialeeder | July 2, 2008

  2. As painful as it is to pay the higher gas prices, I tend to think that in the long run we’ll all be better off since cost is the one thing that will lead to change. (The “free market conservatives” should all agree with that one, right? ;-)


    Comment by Dan Mitchell | July 2, 2008

  3. Yes Dan, you are absolutely right and I have often thought that as well. As long as gas was cheap people had less incentive to buy anything efficient and bought Hummers and Suburbans and Expeditions instead, the very worst of choices for the planet. I feel for the people who were alreadying struggling to survive without having to pay high energy costs. And yet I think we are looking at a bigger issue that could come down to survival of civilization and I am not optimistic. I saw a report in Nature recently that ocean water acidified by CO2 50 years ago is now making its way to the surface and doing its harm to sea life. What is the ocean water of today going to be doing in 50 years when it circulates up? How much hotter will it be? I saw an article on CNN today about the heat waves we can expect in the future and its ugly. I don’t like hot weather and I can imagine being one of those done in by a future heat wave. And that doesn’t even address the other issues like will there be water to irrigate crops? Will it be so hot that our crops won’t grow? And I can just imagine the pressures populations will feel to immigrate in order to survive and the wars that will be fought over something as simple as water. I hope that my worries will be unfounded, that we will all work together and solve it but when I see how so many people respond negatively to the issue of global warming even as it looms over them, I really worry that we’re not going to make it. I personally don’t believe civilization will survive this century. But morally, I feel I must try to at least do what I can not to make matters worse, to try and be part of the solution by the choices I make going forward.

    Comment by cynthialeeder | July 2, 2008

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