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Gambolin' at Point Reyes

I see that Gambolin’ Man has posted another trip report, this time on Point Reyes National Seashore.

These posts are interesting, and a bit different from the typical blog trip reports. Those tend to be heavy on photos (and Gambolin’ Man includes a bunch) but somewhat shorter on narrative – and there is a lot of narrative in this one. A short excerpt:

“Kicked back in the shade of a horseshoe hollow, framed by a 100 ft. high flower-draped and dripping springs cliff face carved out by unique erosive forces, I stare in mindless contemplation at the great pelagic expanse, spellbound by its overwhelming raw power, trying to contextualize and reconcile a puny human lifetime within the infinite and eternal rhythms. The ocean will roar for a billion years more, and our lives are only the time it takes a single wave to wash ashore. . .beautiful and powerful, yet so transient and ephemeral.” – [Gambolin’ Man]


May 27, 2008 - Posted by | Places, Trails

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