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Take a Hike!

Tom Stienstra has a great suggestion for your New Years Day activity:

Want to keep a New Year’s resolution? Take a hike. When you look around and observe the general porkification of Americans, you might realize that many people share a universal New Year’s resolution: “I’m gonna get my butt in shape.” It happens every year and yet so many fail. They seem to lack the… [SFGate: Tom Stienstra]


December 30, 2007 - Posted by | Commentary

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  1. Great idea! And if I can get my act in gear, I am planning to go out Monday for a photo-hike at Henry Coe. I’m thinking of hauling my butt and camera up the Steer Ridge Trail to the top and photographing some of the great old oak trees up along Steer Ridge Road and then head back down maybe the Middle Steer Ridge or Lyman Willson Trails. That ought to be good for a couple thousand feet of gain and 7-8 miles. The trouble with doing a photo-hike is that I need time to work the scene and so I can’t get in 15 or 20 miler. Oh the sacrifices one sometimes must make to get a nice image. Today would have been better given the clouds but I stayed up too late last night processing my images from yesterday. Oh well.

    Comment by cynthial | December 30, 2007 | Reply

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