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Stupid, Pathetic, or Both?

Just saw an ad for a local auto dealer. I won’t name them here since they might like the links…

The ad goes something like this. Pictures of calving glaciers, polar bears, trees. Warm sincere voice over saying, more or less, “[Stupid Dealer X] shares your concern about global warming. That’s why for every truck or SUV you buy we’ll plant 20 trees.”

I’m stunned.

Let’s see. Because they “care” so much about global warming… they’ll reward you for buying a vehicle that contributes to the global warming. Huh?

If they really cared about global warming – and, of course, they don’t – it would be far more useful for them to plant 20 trees for every “truck or SUV” that we don’t buy…


October 4, 2007 - Posted by | Commentary

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