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Tuolumne, Here I Come

It looks like it will probably be Monday (rather than Sunday, as originally planned) but I’m going to head up to the Tuolumne/Tioga region for a few days this week to do some early summer hiking and photography. I understand that the campground is still working in first-come-first-served mode, so I’ll try to get up there early and get myself on the list. Failing that, I’ve had good luck with any of a number of Forest Service campgrounds just outside the park.

I don’t have any particular agenda – beyond doing a lot of photography – though I’m thinking about a particular hike I’ve done that provided a great panoramic view of the Cathedral range. A late afternoon and sunset photography session there, followed by a quick hike back as darkness falls might be nice.


June 30, 2007 - Posted by | Trails

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