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Random Collection of Weekend Stuff

Outdoorsy thoughts on this early June weekend… that I’m spending indoors.

  • About that “indoors” business… Two factors are conspiring to keep me inside on this beautiful feels-like-summer spring weekend. First, we’re nearing the end of the term at the college where I teach and the grading and other work has been stacking up. So this weekend I did a grading marathon (almost finished!) and took care of some of the other administrative tasks needing attention. I thought I might get out for at least a brief urban hike, but alas.
  • Two of my kids are graduating during the next week – a daughter from college (Go Kelsey!) and a son from high school (Go Jameson!) – so I’ll be spending a lot of time on related family stuff during the next few weeks. It’s all good!
  • The foregoing aside, school is out at the end of June and then the summer is mine!

About others in the blogging world…

  • Tom at Two-Heel Drive posts another dry run for one of his upcoming articles in the Mercury-News this one about hiking at big basin state park. His newspaper articles tend to be quite short, so catch the pre-story at his site – it is more extensive and includes a lot of photographs…
  • Speaking of which, Tom’s photography has really improved a lot. I enjoyed his trail snap shots from the beginning, but his recent photographs have become quite nice as photography. Nice work, Tom!

OK, I’m done now. Back to grading. :-)


June 10, 2007 - Posted by | Commentary

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