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Hikes: Sunol Regional Wilderness

Tom Mangan (of Two-Heel Drive) has another trail article in the Murky News this week. (And do you have to be named Tom to have an outdoor column in a Bay Area paper? :-)

Hikes: Sunol Regional Wilderness – It has hiking. It has camping. It has cows. Sunol Regional Wilderness even has a stony canyon called Little Yosemite, which is a little like Yosemite in the way a flower made of frosting is like a whole wedding cake.

Speaking of flowers, Sunol has bunches of wild ones sprouting this time of year. The poppies, lupines and shooting stars draw the biggest crowds to Sunol every spring. If you adore lovely things planted by the Unseen Hand of Nature, then this is the place to be.

I don’t go to Sunol for the flowers. I go for the hills, the rocks and the vistas, which are among the best in the Bay Area. Every visit brings pointed reminders that the hills are frequently high and the trails are frequently steep. The park headquarters is on a valley floor, and almost everything worth seeing is up in the hills.



May 5, 2007 - Posted by | Trails

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