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Bloggers Can Hike

Or, “Hikers Can Blog?”

From Two-Heel Drive:

Groundhog Day Invitational pix. We hiked four hours along the misty ridges of Las Trampas Regional Wilderness, just up the road from San Ramon. Mount Diablo poked above the mist like the Kilimanjaro wannabe that it is. Temperatures, mild; winds, just enough to dry the sweat.

Tom is describing our “bloggers’ hike” yesterday morning at Las Trampas park in the east bay. I’d write a lot more and post photographs… but I ended up spending a lot of time on another photographic project this weekend – a night photography workshop at Mare Island. (Some photos are posted here.)

In any case, it was a great hike, and I really want to get back to that park again on a very clear (unlike this weekend) day in spring since this seems like a park with excellent view potential.

A highlight of the day was meeting 4WheelBob, whose goal is to reach to the the summit of White Mountain, which is over 14,000 feet. He’s been close a couple times, maybe 2007 will be his year.

For more on Bob Coomber’s outdoor exploits, check out this profile in Backpacker magazine. It makes him out as more of a hero than he’d care to be portrayed, I suspect — he strikes me as a regular guy playing the cards he was dealt. His outoor exploits do seem pretty amazing to those of us not in his hiking shoes, but his vibe is, “you’d do the same, right?” The cool thing is, he helps us believe our answer is “hell, yes.” [Two-Heel Drive]



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