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Gambolin' with the Gambolin' Man

Seen at Two-Heel Drive:

Next hiking meet-up: Las Trampas Feb. 3. Gambolin Man will be the guest of honor/bullseye of blame at Las Trampas Regional Wilderness near San Ramon on Saturday, Feb. 3. For now, let’s make the start time 10 a.m.

Weather will be the wild card. There’s no point making this a rain-or-shine event, because rain will make the trails god-awful mucky, and they’ll stay that way for at least a couple days after the storms pass. I get a perverse thrill from mud hiking, but taking a group of any size along is too hard on the trails. So: Rain will force us to reschedule if it arrives the Thursday and Friday beforehand, too.

Here’s a Google Maps link for the park. Fairly easy to get to from I-680, just head west from the Bollinger Canyon Road exit.

I’ll let the Gamboleer work up a trail itinerary. He’s an adventurous sort so it could turn into a most-of-the-day event.

[Two-Heel Drive]



January 11, 2007 - Posted by | Events

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