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It is December, I’m busy with school work, the weather is a bit less cooperative with attempts to get out and do photography. One way I cope with this is to spend time going back over photographs I shot earlier in the year, but which did not then strike me as being the best images. Sometimes I find what I regard as real gems that I had overlooked, either because I didn’t notice them while focused on other images or because I simply had not yet figured out how to make these shots work.

The process is, frankly, a bit less fun and a bit less rewarding than going through brand new photos at the end of a trip. It involves viewing literally thousands of images on the computer, looking for something that might work that I skipped over earlier. When I spot something interesting I open the file and work on it for awhile, and often I end up simply closing the file and not saving the changes. I’d rather spend time on something that turns out to be a dead end than miss something that might be good, so I often open and work on quite a few images that turn out to go nowhere. However, among these I do find some that seem interesting enough that I’ll devote some time to them.

Some of the images that I’ve posted rhere ecently (and more that will come soon) fall into this category – interesting and worth (to me, at least) exploring a bit. Seeing what I can find and then get out of these images is a type of practice. The result may not be what I regard as my best images; instead, if you follow these pages (and G Dan Mitchell | Photography) you’ll see me working through some “problems” that may or may not result in great final images – and learning from the process.


December 10, 2006 - Posted by | Photography

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