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“Hello and welcome” to visitors arriving here from the sidebar of the article in the Washington Times about global warming skeptics. (“The Tempest“).

Not that I’m particularly sympathetic to the subjects of the article, obsessive skeptics of the evidence that global warming is an issue of concern. A quote:

“They sit in this ivory tower, playing around, and they don’t tell us if this is going to be a hot summer coming up. Why not? Because the models are no damn good!”

Well, no.

While the models are, well, models and, as such, cannot perfectly replicate reality, models certainly can be some “damn good.” Many of the skeptics’ arguments are, at their core, largely a recognition that the evidence from those who find compelling evidence of global warming are something short of absolutely perfect.

Unfortunately, I do have to agree with the following from the article:

The skeptics don’t have to win the argument, they just have to stay in the game, keep things stirred up and make sure the politicians don’t pass any laws that have dangerous climate change as a premise. They’re winning that battle. The Senate had hearings on climate change this spring but has put off action for now.

I am more hopeful that the tide is beginning to shift.


June 14, 2006 - Posted by | Commentary

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