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An Advantage of Delaying Gear Lust Gratification

Every year lots of cool, shiny, new outdoor gear is introduced: clothes, tents, packs, lights, stoves, you name it. It is hard to keep in mind that this year’s newest wonder gear will soon be next year’s old stuff… and resist the “need” to upgrade right away. I try. Sometimes I succeed.

However, a beneficial side effect of this planned obsolescence is that throughout the year there are great opportunities to pick up gear that is just as cool as it was 6-12 months ago when it was announced… but at fire sale prices!

A lot of gear comes on the market late in the winter season (as in right now) and again at the end of summer as manufacturers reduce inventory on stuff that didn’t sell as well as hoped or that will soon be replaced by marginally “better” new models.

In recent weeks I’ve seen pretty good sales from Mountain Gear, REI, and Patagonia, and I think I’ve also seen some equipment from The North Face and Mountain Hardwear start to show up on the sale racks. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) I am not in need of much new gear right now – though I did pick up some half price deals on shirts recently.

Of all of the companies, REI may offer the most seductive timing since rebate checks come out close to the time that some of the best deals are available – and you really aren’t spending money if you are just using your rebate check, right?


February 28, 2006 - Posted by | Equipment

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