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What's Unclear About This Sign?

Prospect3NoBikesSign: No Bikes sign. Prospect #3 Trail, Almaden Quicksilver. February 4, 2006.I encountered another band of outlaw mountain bikers on a single-track trail at Almaden Quicksilver Park yesterday. This time they were headed down an extremely muddy Prospect #3 Trail.

The sign in the photo appears right at the top of this trail – and you can see the trail at the left side of the photo. The only way to make it more obvious would be to make the sign neon and put it in the middle of the trail.

As I started up the trail I was thinking about what good shape it was in, given that we have had some decent rain this winter. The only real damage I saw was a shortcut section through grass near the bottom (also started by cyclists a couple years ago) and signs that one horse had ascended the trail.

Then came four cyclists. I told them the trail was closed to bikes and at first it seemed like two of the four might rethink their illegal and damaging use of this trail, but eventually they gave in to their more belligerent friend and went on down the trail. Unfortunately I forgot my map with the park phone number so I couldn’t turn them in. Their 8 knobby tires skidding around the turns and through the muddy sections of the trail did damage that will last months, if not longer – just so they could have a fun little five minute descent.

If you see some mountain bikers at a Quicksilver trailhead in an orange pickup truck and a white van with a bike rack, you might keep an eye on them.


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