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***April 2-5, 2006
– Photo excursion to Death Valley. Day 1: Drove to Racetrack Playa in time to set up camp in my vehicle, but too late for sunset photos. Day 2: Up before dawn to drive a mile or two back to the playa for several hours of photography and wandering about the playa as the sun came up. Back down to Scotty’s Castle for lunch, then a campsite at Furnace Creek, followed by a bit of afternoon photograhy. Day 3: Again up before dawn to catch sunrise at Zabriskie Point. Further visits to Badwater, Devil’s Golf Course, Golden Canyon (hiked to the Red Cathedral) and other spots before heading back to Zabriskie for sunset. Day 4: Up early again to head home with time for some photography along the way.

***April 8, 2006
– New Almaden Hike from Hacienda up to the Castillero/Mine Hill Junction via Mine Hill and Castillero Trails.

***April 15, 206
– One muddy hike at Almaden. Went up toward Senador Mines but took the left fork to the New Almaden Trail to just past the Webb Canyon trail, where I cut right to catch the main trail to the ridge and then back to the car. What a mess!

***April 16, 2006
– Giving in to the urge to avoid more mud, I took an urban hike on the creek trail.

***April 22, 2006
– What a difference a week makes! While there were still a few muddy spots at Almaden Quicksilver, most of the trail had dried out nicely. I went from the MacAbee entrance up to the junction of the Mine Hill and Castillero trails.

***April 23, 2006
– Hiked up the main trail toward the top of Mission Peak but detoured to the right via Paradise Valley (or whatever it is called) to the low saddle south of the peak. From there I headed a short distance south along the ridge to photograph a rock outcropping. Returned via Mission Peak summit and the main trail.

***April 29, 2006
– After a busy day of state academic senate, I managed to get out for a short hike up the ridge at Calero at sunset.

***April 30, 2006
– I ended the month of April with a moderate hike at Almaden. Out past the mine site from Mockingbird Hill, then via Randol to the New Almaden trail for the steep descent back to the starting point. Quite a few flowers, though it looks like more are on the way.



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