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Almaden Quicksilver Spider

QuicksilverSpider2005|10|22: Spider. Almaden Quicksilver Park. October 22, 2005 © Copyright Dan Mitchell.
Spider. Almaden Quicksilver Park. October 22, 2005. © Copyright Dan Mitchell.

I wonder if anyone can identify this spider for me?


October 22, 2005 - Posted by | Wildlife

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  1. Dan,
    The spider in your photo is an “Orb Weaver” also known as a Garden Spider. They spin those huge webs and catch flying insects. They are very useful for keeping the balance. They are usually very active during between late fall and early November. Summer is too hot and winter is too cold for these guys so you won’t see much of them in the days to come. I hope this helped identify the monster? By the way you have some very nice nice photo’s on your site. I am a frequent visitor to Quick Silver Park. I enjoy your photo’s of the area. Keep up the good work Dan.

    Comment by mc9038@aol.com | October 28, 2005

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