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Supressing the Facts

From The Daily Scoop:

The journal, Environmental Science and Technology …

The journal,
Environmental Science and Technology
(EST), reports that the White House has
actively repressed
a congressionally mandated study that examines the potential impacts of climate change on the U.S., noting that federal researchers are
explicitly forbidden from referring to the study

Begun in 1998 and completed in 2001, the
U.S. National Assessment
is the only study to broadly examine how global warming might affect communities in the U.S. Because of the subject matter, however, the assessment has been
mired in political controversy
since its release, and officials in the Bush Administration have sought to remove any reference to the report from publications coming out of their Climate Change Science Program (CCSP).

The report also says that
outreach efforts
intended to educate the public about climate change has been quashed by the White House.

– pat joseph [Daily Scoop]


October 13, 2005 - Posted by | Environment

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